Africa’s oil and gas wealth is the continent’s greatest opportunity for development. This is the core of the Atlas/Oranto philosophy. In 2015, nine of the world’s top 20 discoveries were in Africa. Despite this, the continent produces just over nine percent of the world’s oil, has under eight percent of proven oil and gas reserves, and consumes less than five percent of the world’s energy.

This track record of globally significant discoveries is set to continue in Africa. The Atlas/Oranto group is a leading player in opening new exploration frontiers, then developing assets in close collaboration with host administrations. Oil and gas will be a major development driver for the continent, especially in countries that have seen little oil and gas production to date. Better educated, expanding populations will create further impetus for oil and gas sector growth.

We believe that through a combination of bold exploration in these frontier areas, an active investment and divestment strategy, and a considered approach to host countries and communities, the Atlas/Oranto group can work with governments to unlock and develop the continent’s oil and gas wealth.