Atlas and Oranto have a responsibility to the citizens of the countries in which we invest, and our philosophy is to leave no permanent footprint as a consequence of our operations, while also safeguarding the environment for the enjoyment and benefit of future generations. We take seriously our responsibilities to our stakeholders. These include the administrative bodies of host nations, our business partners and the communities that we impact.

We are resolutely opposed to bribery and corruption and prohibit the use of facilitation payments, adhering at all times to the anti-bribery and corruption policy and laws that prevail in each of the jurisdictions in which we conduct our business. Our relationship with customers, suppliers, partners and government officials are conducted in a fair and proper manner at all times.

In many nations we participate in and actively support the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI). We support the activities of EITI as we believe it plays a significant role in improving transparency, governance, co-operation between stakeholders and the development of society.

We operate in a number of countries around the world that appear in the lower half of Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index. Several of these are EITI candidates or fully compliant. We support and comply with the relevant reporting processes in each country.