The Atlas / Oranto group is driven by a strategy that encompasses our investment approach and our collaborative method of working with host countries and communities. As an indigenous African group with operations in nine countries, Atlas and Oranto have a unique perspective on the development of petroleum industries in developing oil and gas producing nations. With this insight, we are well positioned to formulate contracts that are tailored to the needs of our partners and host countries, and to assist in the sustainable development of assets.

Our executive management brings decades of experience assessing acreages and assets. With the guidance and African network of our Chairman Prince Arthur Eze, the group targets potentially high value acreages in frontier locations with the aim of building local capacity. Our exploration portfolio is anchored by producing assets in mature markets including Nigeria and Equatorial Guinea. This approach enables Atlas / Oranto to initiate partnerships with African and international oil and gas companies for exploration campaigns, and to add significant value to developing oil and gas sectors.